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How to sell to Retail Stores:
Independent Convenient Stores
Supermarket Chains
Convenient Store Chains
Franchised Convenience Stores
Independent Supermarkets
Super Stores & Clubs
Pharmacy Chains

How to sell to Wholesale Distributors
Types of Wholesalers and Distributors
Prepare Distributor Packages
Pricing strategy for distributors
Learn to support your distributors
Where to find the best distributors

Business Planning
Mergers & Acquisitions
Best shipping for your product
Find the best segments for you
Best type of retailer for your product
Select the best distributors & channels
Financial projections

Best Selling Proposition development
Direct Marketing to wholesalers
Pricing Strategy
Packaging and Retail Displays
Distributor and Retail Packages

Retail Promotions
Hire the right people
How to train promoters to sell
Develop great sales reports
Write Best Practices to replicate result

Sales Training
Sales trainings for all levels
Merchandising for retail accounts
Telemarketing and Scrip Creation

Workshops & Seminars
From 2 hour to multiple days available
Customized for your company & goals
On location at your office or city
For one to 1,000 people

Sales to Distributors & Retailers

What do you want to do with your consumer goods, beverage and food products?  Do you need to sell to convenience stores?  How about to supermarkets, pharmacy or mass retail?

Call us to see how we can work together to get you more sales, more distribution, more turns of your product in the stores.

Sales, Brokering, Wholesale Distribution, Drop Shipping, Warehouse Programs, Exporting, Channel Management, Pricing Structure, Research, can all be part of sales and distribution programs.

Sell your product to chains like Wal-Mart, Costco, Supervalu, Wallgreens, Safeway or to convenience store chains like 7-Eleven, Circle K Truck Stops and more.

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Wholesale Distribution & Retail Sales